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    The reputation of Elara Custom Homes as providing a distinctive homebuilding experience has grown. Tunch is the team’s leader and assists clients with design and selection.

    Elara Custom Homes has provided its customers with a special level of individualized attention and participation for almost 20 years to ensure that each custom house-building project is done to the highest standard. 

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    Our Projects

    Making Living Spaces Unique


    Awarded Design

    Discover our award-winning designs and explore the creativity and innovation behind each project on our dedicated awarded design page.


    Eco Construction

    Learn about our commitment to sustainable building practices and explore our eco-friendly construction methods and materials on our dedicated Eco Construction Style


    Creative Designs

    Unleash your imagination and explore our portfolio of unique and innovative designs on our Projects page, where every project is crafted with passion and creativity.



    Attractive Location

    Discover the beauty and convenience of our prime locations and explore the unique features and amenities of each property

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to bring every job in on-time, within budget, while providing complete satisfaction to our clients. During the design phase of a custom home, we focus on finding unique solutions to maximize each homes potential. Our process involves utilizing our experience along with detailed records from past projects to give accurate estimates and targeted construction schedules very early in the design process.

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